The benefits of the Cloud in 90 seconds

More likely than not, you're interacting with the cloud right now. Maybe you're reading this blog post on your tablet or receiving emails on your phone. On any given day, you probably interact with more than a dozen cloud-based systems or applications without even knowing it.

Even though (or perhaps because) the cloud has become such an integral yet invisible part of our daily lives, many business decision makers have a hard time defining what the cloud actually is. Business leaders can certainly see the positive impact: 83% of those surveyed reported getting unexpected benefits from moving to the cloud. When asked to rate their overall knowledge of the cloud, those same business leaders gave themselves a “D” grade.

Before your organisation can really leverage the benefits of the cloud, it's important for everyone in your organisation to have a general understanding of what the cloud can (and can't) do.

Here’s a quick, 90-second video that helps demystify the cloud for non-IT businesspeople. Watch it as a quick refresher, or share it with someone in your organisation who is still challenged in their understanding of the cloud.

What can the cloud do for your business?

Want to learn more about how the cloud can benefit your business? Read this free and easy guide to the cloud. Then get in touch with us to make your vision a reality.