Sparrows Engineering connects employees around the globe

Sparrows is an offshore engineering specialist based in Aberdeen, operating all around the globe.

Until recently, they relied on international air travel to connect with their clients however they realised that the cost and logistics of doing this were hampering their operations. They turned to a suite of Microsoft solutions to resolve this dilemma without losing the key personal contact that’s important for client relations.

Using Skype for Business, Sparrows has reinforced their connections with their overseas clients by conducting face-to-face meetings without the need to travel and in doing so, has also dramatically reduced their costs. They have also used this powerful tool to connect with their project team in India, conducting design review and analysis by Skype, saving considerable time and effort with the ability to share screens; they have also seen a marked improvement in the quality of output from the team using this method of communication.

With employees in locations like Africa, China and the Middle East, Sparrows has introduced Office 365 for their staff in the field, giving them access to the same software as the office-based staff. This has empowered field staff to access key documentation on both laptops and mobile devices, leading to faster fault finding and resolution on location and therefore higher levels of customer satisfaction. Project managers at head office have found that they can keep clients actively involved in their projects using SharePoint to share documentation and update them instantly on new developments and project progress.

Harnessing this new technology has boosted productivity and client satisfaction at Sparrows with the added benefit of central control of procedures and processes and a reduction in overheads for the company.

Watch the video below to learn about the difference cloud-based technology has made to Sparrows Engineering.

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