Anatomy of a breach: How hackers break in

By the time an organisation discovers its infrastructure has been infiltrated, it’s often too late. Hackers may have been resident in the network for 200 days or more without being detected. Think about the damage they can inflict on a business during that time span. Troubling, right?

Microsoft believes that knowing the basics of how security breaches happen — e.g., how attackers gain footholds, what they do once they’re in, how they access sensitive information — is a crucial part of cybersecurity and is committed to helping its customers learn best practices for staying secure.

Join speakers Matt Kemelhar (Director, Incident Response and Recovery) and Jim Moeller (Principal Cybersecurity Consultant) for this webinar,  'Anatomy of a Breach: How Hackers Break In',  to learn the steps hackers take in several of the most common types of successful attacks against organisations. Register now for an in-depth look at the lifecycle of an attack, strategies hackers employ to infiltrate your network, and tips for preventing attacks within your organisation. During this webinar and live Q&A, you will learn:

  • How attackers take advantage of potential vulnerabilities in your security approach, step-by-step
  • Lessons learned from real life examples
  • Things you can do to today to help prevent an attack