Microsoft helps PRS for Music increase collaboration and flexibility

Even if you haven’t heard of PRS for Music, you’ve definitely heard them. That is to say you’ve definitely heard the music created by its members. PRS for Music is a society of over 110,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. With a mission to promote and protect the value of copyright throughout the UK and beyond, their employees need flexibility to collaborate with members and partners in real time anytime from anywhere

As such, PRS for Music turned to Microsoft to help develop a solution that would significantly expand the scope of their collaboration. Using Office 365 and Skype for Business, PRS was able to provide technology that was intuitive and familiar to their employees, but that also made it possible to connect and collaborate in ways that were impossible for them just a few years ago.

To make sure that their initiative would succeed, PRS for Music leveraged Microsoft Support to help them see the value that the interaction between products and help plan their roadmap for maximum impact. Their initiative has been so successful in transforming the way PRS for Music works that it won two Real IT Awards from the Corporate IT Forum for infrastructure as an enabler and for project team of the year.

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