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4 Ways real companies sell smarter with sales analytics

All sales managers want better numbers from their teams, but many are ignoring the obvious solution. Only 15% of organisations use analytics to drive objectives. Investing in analytics isn’t just a nice idea if you have the time and money to make it work. A sales team backed by superior data analysis is an unbeatable force. Sales analytics is a time-tested way to get more from the employees and customers you already have and uncover opportunities you may have missed.

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The brave new hybrid future of Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales, two departments whose successes have always been inextricably tied to each other, are beginning to collaborate in ways that are at once unprecedented and vitally needed. Instead of working to funnel customers through two separate pipelines, many companies are now taking a holistic view of the buyer’s journey, to the benefit of not only marketing and sales – but the customer as well.

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5 Sales metrics to start tracking

Back when your chief source of personalised data insights was your IT department, it made sense to drum up metrics like your win/loss ratio and your overall win rate week in and week out. Those numbers gave you a sense of how well your strategies were doing over time. Now that you can store all of your data together in the cloud, the work of locating the numbers you need can be done in an instant, saving time for both you and the IT department.

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