You’ve read and heard how the cloud could transform businesses like yours … but you’re not quite sure where to begin or what part of the ‘cloud’ is for you.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll work with you to identify the best ways to realise the benefits of the cloud. We’ll provide analysis and insight into the objectives and challenges involved in each of the key elements of moving to the cloud: the technology, the processes and the people.

We consider several aspects of your technology infrastructure such as communications, collaboration, messaging, productivity, application development and maintenance, data centre and other hosting requirements, security and identity management, mobile and other device connectivity and software asset management to name but a few.

Where you are today

In our assessment we’ll review the changes in operational and business processes that might come about as result of moving to the cloud. These might include revising backup and disaster recovery processes (typically reducing the cost) or your people being able to access email and documents using their preferred device wherever they are, no longer just from the company desktop. We’ll recommend change management practices to ensure that the transition to the world of cloud-based computing is as smooth as possible.

A roadmap for growth

The end result is a quantification of the business impacts that your company could derive from Cloud adoption, as well as a staged roadmap to realise these economic and other business gains.

Get in touch to see how our Cloud Readiness Assessment could take the pain out of becoming a modern business and help your business reach its potential.