Engage your customers

"The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer" - Peter Druckner

Do you know your customers as well as your competitors do? Access to the right information can make the difference when it comes to winning customers and keeping them.

In a connected world, delivering a great customer experience is more essential than ever. What your customer experiences is what helps you differentiate your business, build loyalty and maintain your reputation.

Better data.

You’re probably sitting on a goldmine of data about your customers. The challenge is using it to your advantage. Often, the hard part is getting to that data and putting it to use to help you understand your customers — to answer questions like "Who are my most profitable customers?", "What are their key challenges?" and "How can I reach them in a way that my competitors can’t?"

With our Better Marketing solution, you can easily use your data to help you target and win customers and keep them for the long-term.

Our cloud-based Better Marketing solution enables your marketing team to plan, execute and measure campaigns across channels, from start to finish, bringing your marketing vision to life. You can engage customers one-to-one across channels with our multi-channel CRM solution, building your sales pipeline,


You need to strengthen Marketing and Sales collaboration by providing your sales team with visibility into the marketing calendar and actionable input. With our solution, you can get more insights into campaigns and targeting. And both sales and marketing can share the same view of the customer.

Based on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform, Better Marketing works seamlessly with familiar tools like Office 365 and MailChimp, so that you can make true customer relationship management part of your daily activity — scheduling meetings, sending emails and connecting for online conferences and webinars.

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