The #1 factor driving customer loyalty today is the sales experience.

The Challenge

A 2016 survey of 5,000 customers found that the sales experience affected their loyalty by 53%. That's a higher percentage than product and service delivery, company reputation or brand.

In this sales world turned upside-down, prospects form opinions - and narrow their choices - long before engaging with you. When they do engage with a salesperson, they expect a fast response tailored to their needs. In addition, a few unhappy customers can unravel years of great marketing through social media. So, your salespeople need current information about what their competitors, peers and prospects are saying and doing. Now is the time to set a goal to delight and satisfy customers with your products and services.

Our solution

Built on Dynamics 365, our Better Sales solution transforms your sales organisation so that they can deliver amazing customer experiences by adopting modern sales productivity technologies. When your sales team is equipped with the right tools, they can stay focused, win faster and build trust in this cloud‑first, mobile‑first world

Our Better Sales solution can help you achieve outcomes like these

  • Identify prospects and customers who have the most potential
  • Make sound, strategic decisions based on digital intelligence
  • Provide sales coaching when and where it’s needed
  • Win new and repeat sales using a customised sales process
  • On-board new team members quickly to get them selling right away
  • Measure the past and identify leading indicators for the future
  • Set up your sales team to collaborate on strategic deals
  • Make sure salespeople can work anytime, anywhere

Turn relationships into revenue

Sell more, faster with our Better Sales solution. Based on Dynamics 365, it brings digital intelligence into each deal. Now, you can predict customer needs and meet them with personal attention that builds relationships and revenue. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Sell more by staying focused

Because they can do everything that they need to do from Outlook in Office 365 or Dynamics 365 itself, you can maximise your sales team’s performance by reducing distractions and helping them focus on the priorities.

Grow your business profitably

Use built-in digital intelligence and automated business processes to increase your revenue while controlling acquisition costs.

Work smarter to win faster

Close deals faster by working efficiently, collaborating and applying contextual insights from your sales management software.

Actionable insights

Empower your salespeople with predictive analytics, digital intelligence and automated lead scoring. And with signals to help them assess their customer relationships, they get all the tools they need to choose the next step.

Personal engagement

Tap into the wisdom and experience of your team with shared meeting notes, events and custom sales documents created with real-time co-authoring. Use OneNote within the Sales management software to take notes and share your work.

Customer management

Help your salespeople zero in on the right leads, contacts and opportunities as they build out your pipeline. Our Better Sales solution provides social insights, up-to-date company information and an embedded sales process so that your team members know how and when to engage.

Improve sales performance

Motivate your sales team with the perfect mix of information and collaboration.

Easy-to-use dashboards help you set smart goals and monitor results. Built-in, customisable Help enables you to align your team’s actions with best practices. And gamification encourages healthy competition.

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