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You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow

We are digital transformation specialists focused on helping you harness the power of cloud, data and mobile to optimise your business and gain and retain customers.

Together, we create modern, efficient ways of working that help increase revenue, reduce costs, manage risk and take the pain out of growing.


Better Sales

Today's customers are smarter, more connected and doing their own research. So your salespeople need tools and processes that help them sell effectively by staying focussed, building trust and winning faster.
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Better Marketing

You don’t have to be a mind-reader to get into your customers' heads. But you do need the right information and tools so that you can give them what they want, when they want it. We can help.
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Better Working

Collaboration fosters innovation. And innovation is the engine of growth. So having the right tools to support working with colleagues, suppliers, clients and partners is vital.
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Better Insight

Joining the dots of the data across your organisation lets you really know what's going on in your business. Now, you can make decisions based on accurate information, not guesswork.
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We love our clients. They do amazing things and challenge and inspire us.

We help them to be even better at what they do.

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We have brighter ideas for better business

Our in-house email server died and we knew it was time to change. We called Medasi and two days later we were using Office 365 cloud-based email. We’ve been enjoying a super-reliable service ever since.
We’d been looking for a better way of managing our customers for ages. Then we worked with Medasi and now we have a system that’s easy to use, works on all our devices and has made a huge difference
The thing about Medasi is that they have great knowledge but know how to communicate it really well with minimal ‘techie’ speak.
That’s rare.